Week 14 – Journey

Week 14 – Journey

This week was a long journey for Paniti and myself. We had finally left the last week and taken down all the photos we had put up and begun placing 1000+ photos on the wall for the second time.

The first time we placed these photos on the wall we had used blue tack on all 4 corners of the photo. This process was painstakingly long and I don’t believe was a good method considering the sheer number of photos we were about to place. So there was debate between, blue tack again, pins, tape or even double sided tape. This seems like a silly debate to have but we have to think what will be our best, quickest option as well as most aesthetically pleasing to the audience.

We had run with double sided tape. So we had started from the top and worked our way across with the beach scene first. About half way through the process some of these photos were falling off – not a good sign.

We were unsure about how this would go, however we continued and just decided to add another piece of tape to the photo. This was a quick fix.

However even with the extra bit of tape, they still fell off. We were persistent in using this method as it was incredibly fast and aesthetically looked the best in our opinion.


Eventually they had stopped falling and things were starting to look good for us. This first process had taken us a few hours with trial and error and understanding a quick ‘production-line method’ to work through.

As the beach scene was finishing up, you can notice that we have left a ‘digital-like’ scattered effect at the bottom rows of the scene. This is so we can mend both scenes together in a randomised fashion that will merge the entire wall into a solid piece of work. We found this the most effective way for the look we were going for. Not to mention it was still very Pep Ventosa inspired.


A bit later into this process some of the photos were still dropping off here and there. We had thought as to why… “is the wall dirty/dusty?” “is the tape bad quality?” “is it how much tape we are using?” “Is it the direction of where we are placing the tape?”

A number of questions were raised. However my thought was since we were placing the tap across the top and the bottom of the photo in a landscape manner the surface area that is stopping it from falling is in the wrong direction… We should be placing the tape vertically on the right and left side of the photo because to me i thought that the contact patch of the photo was much more secure. We tried this in our next few rows of photos.


We could clearly see that the photos were sticking for a longer period of time and things were moving forward according to plan. The process has now been going for 6 or so hours by this point. We were determined to make sure that the leading line, although not perfect, was still heading in a straight landscape manner. When placing this meany photos, it is almost certain that boredom and laziness can tend to increase another chance of that “wavy” effect we saw from last weeks trial effort.

By the end of the day we had lead ourselves into another issue (which is typical considering we didn’t have the time to experiment this large of scale). However we got to a point where we were placing the highway scene onto the wall and realised that we had not taken enough photos from the start of the day in comparison to that of the other scenes. So we started from the darker side until we got to the mending stage of the light-to-dark section.


As you can see, if we had just continued the rest of this scene with the darker shades of highway scene, it would throw the whole project out and the aesthetic that we were going for. It was just viable that we ‘half-ass’ our efforts since we have already come this far. So in doing this, we had called it a day and we had no other choice but to go out tomorrow morning at the same time we had done last time and take more photos from the same scene. We will be back here tomorrow afternoon or earlier to continue placing the photos on the wall.



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