Week 5 – Finalising Professional Portfolio

Week 5 – Finalising Professional Portfolio

This week we worked in class to update and polish our statements and our professional portfolio. This week I had managed to organise a website to sign up for: weebly.com. I found this was the best website platform to work with as it gave me full customisability and extremely easy to work my way around.

As I Major in Graphic Design I believe it was in my best interest to post majority of my work from University and outside University. I have quite a number of works to choose from to display to the general public. These works had consisted of a full branding of DARE (Dementia Arts Research & Education), Technology Prevents A5 booklet that would focus on educating the general public on the importance of arts within school to reduce the risk of muscle atrophy within the hand and the ability to reduce stress in a high expectation schooling environment, a recent work for my design major – an A4 design report that I had professionally presented. Finally, a website re-design for Diamantina, a local camping website. These works show my diversity as a graphic designer and the ability to think and work my way around a number of different mediums and briefs.

As for the statements that will compliment my website, I am still rewording and finalising these as the submission for this will be in the next week.


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