Week 3 – Warren Leung & BIO

Week 3 – Warren Leung & BIO

During class in week 3 we had listened to Hong Kong artist Warren Leung talk about his works since 2015. His work combines historical exploration with photography and video presented as performance and installation. The reason for this lecture was to help us explore further options about who we are as students and what we want to explore when we finish university. The ideas that were introduced by Warren are ones that can point us as students into new pathways and directions of thinking – to prepare us for the future. These ideas have followed from our previous weeks conversations of ‘futures’.

After this lecture, we had spent our workshop considering the future and begun bringing our interests, our practices, our skills and our works together in order to shape our opening bio for our portfolio works. This was quite a quick lesson as we looked at a number of different examples of artists online portfolios and how they introduced themselves to the public. These examples were given to us on ‘medadada’ by Mat and Jo, as well as this we needed to find our own artist that related to our individual practices to further our inspiration. Before the end of the lesson we had to have at least 150 words that were strong enough to lead our portfolios with.

Next week we will further this and move to creating our online portfolio with our chosen website.



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