Week 10 – Complications and realisations

Week 10 – Complications and realisations

In this week we were given a 9.5mm thick piece of perspex to test cutting options and lighting options. This was a complicated time when we took the piece to Top’s place and decided to cut it using a router. The issue was at this thickness, if the router moved too slow through the perspex it would melt, though if we moved the router too quickly, the perspex would crack. This was going to a long, arduous time if we want to create a large structure or a number or smaller structures. This was our first major problem.

perspex 1

Drawing the lines on the perspex to cut

perspex 2

Cutting the shapes and slits into the perspex

perspex 3

Joining the shapes to each other.

After we had this final structure, we then had to test if the light would travel through each join enough to illuminate every other side, and create a successful figure similar to ‘FACETS’. We had tested regular LED’s and we also tested lazers to see if the strength and angle of the light would change the look and success to the structure.


This first image was the lazer, it illuminated most edges, but not all. However the light was directly put through the structure, rather than illuminating the room and things around it.


This image was the LED lights, it has illuminated more edged of the structure, however the was light escaping underneath and around the object, which took away from the structure. this was a worry because we really needed just the structure to show itself. But beside both of these things, we knew that this project could still work.


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