Week 9 – Updates

Week 9 – Updates

So we came back after week 9 and none of the group had really come up with any new ideas of what to do. So we went back to the ‘FACETS’ page and had a look at Justin Maller’s work. We really wanted to have something physically aesthetic so we thought: “Why don’t we try and ‘3 dimensionalise’ these images.

So with the thought of it being glass, we were thinking what our first step would be. Before the idea of cutting the glass into shapes, we actually thought about how light shines onto and through the edge of glass. This was an interesting effect but not quite the exact same as ‘FACETS’, however we still thought we should run with the idea until we see it as an actual structure and if that changes the way light travels etc. After this, we thought about how we would connect each piece to each other, because generic glue wouldn’t cut it, also glue blocks light a certain way that would ruin the aesthetic appeal to the project. This wasn’t a viable option if we wanted to create something that looked the same, if not, better than the 2D images. I then came up with the option of a ‘scissor join’ we 2 slits interlock with one another. With this, it didn’t seem to be floored in any way shape or form. So we got prototyping:



With the paper and cardboard models, this seemed to work perfectly. The thing we have to watch our for would be each slit in the shapes would have to the same width as the pieces of glass that we use.

After these models were completed, we thought we should then figure out how we would cut glass and if we can shatter it in any particular way.


This was the result of attempting to shatter glass, and allow the light to move through it in organic ways. It was a very difficult task. With this failure we did more research into clear materials and stumbled across perspex. This was a much better option as for pricing and being able to effectively cut it.


With this photo in mind, we realised that light shines much nicer through perspex and the edges are illuminated a lot more than the perspex itself, we were getting excited that this would work perfectly with geometric shapes and more like the original inspiration of ‘FACETS’


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