Week 6 – Project pitch for Media Arts project

Week 6 – Project pitch for Media Arts project

The search for patterns in a particularly human urge that allows us to understand our world and anticipate what might happen next. This search is an essential part of scientific investigation and a mainstay of art, craft and design. We find it very satisfying when we finally recognise a pattern where there appears to be none. Computers are particularly adept at dealing with even the most complex patterns. Computer applications, in association with other devices, allow us to describe and specify patterns of movement and light from both nature and the built environment. These may then be translated into 3D objects taking the form of vessels, decorative objects, clothing and sculpture, perhaps allowing us to see and touch what we could not before.


Oh Void 1 appears to be two large ellipses stuck together at the perfect angle. This design would not have been able to be produced by eye and basic measurements – it would have needed to be digitally produced that would allow for the perfect ergonomics as well as the perfect angle for it to free-stand and stand freely when somebody has seated themselves on it.

Using elliptical shapes to create a chair that is both ergonomic and good looking and stable is a difficult task in itself. I would like to re-create this work in a way that creates an object or piece of furniture that is beautiful, practical and that uses shapes that are unusual in the production of similar objects.

I am still unsure as to how I will find a digital pattern that will create this object but further research throughout week 6/7 will allow me to come up with something in relation to Ron Arad.


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