Week 2 – Research your field: provide a brief overview of the history and theory that define your field and inform your practice

Week 2 – Research your field: provide a brief overview of the history and theory that define your field and inform your practice


  • Kare Martens – (Fretek – Takk)
  • WWF – Antonio Montero, Jaime Chavarri, Ivan de Dios (Tin can pollute water)
  • Justin Hernandez – (smoking kills – Just like mommy)


The work by Kare Martens works with a company very similar to salvation army where it asks that the public gives any unwanted furniture, clothes or items that can still be used so that the less fortunate can afford it for themselves. This campaign work provides two posters that shows the companies appreciation of the items handed to them by saying “takk” meaning “thank you” in Norwegian to the public while at the same time being able to promote themselves to the public to remind them that the items are for sale. The word is written with both furniture and lighting lined up perfectly to also show the community what their work consists of. The end result provokes both the technical aspect and the conceptual aspect of the company perfectly.

Kare’s work reflects the direction in which he wants his practice to follow. Making sure he uses the materials that reflect the company and they’re message that they are trying to convey. It is a different direction in which the word itself tells a story rather than trying to symbolise it or spell it out for the public.


WWF follow quite a similar approach where they show man made materials being represented as natural ones. For example, the tin cans resembling a waterfall of the water source but at the same time providing a message of a result of the worlds pollution, it affects and harms our local water sources. There are a number of different series in which WWF work with to provide a powerful message for the public to try and change the behaviour when it comes to the minimalising their waste.

Smoking Kills

Smoking kills


Justin Hernandez being a designer at Crush Advertising doesn’t quite show a series of posters that follow the same direction. His smoking kills poster is quite powerful by relating the use of crayons and kids to the use of smoking within the family. I think this poster really resonates with the mums of the family especially with what they’re daily behaviour is doing to their loved ones.

Each one of these works follow quite a similar path within the design world. I think it is situated with more powerful design compared to logo, typographic design that works with the general public and general business ideas. It allows for the people to view design as something more than words or images onto a page, it has substance and a depth that regular design doesn’t resonate with the general public. This direction of design allows for these contemporaries to think outside of the box and to make a difference rather than just remembered like a ‘Coca Cola’ logo would be.

Historically these works are situated as quite modern and quite recent. Not that long ago, people were not so worried about the planet and one’s health. The world was more concerned with making money and being successful as a company – selling cigarettes.

Luckies Cigarette Poster


For example, just 50 years ago, the 1960’s Luckies Cigarettes advertises that cigarettes are good for you and should be purchased. Quoting that 20,679 physicians saying that these cigarettes are less irritating than the competition. Today this design wouldn’t be found especially with a message such as this – promoting a harmful substance.

WWF have been around providing their services and awareness for 50 years this year. Roughly from the 1960’s onward has the world been slowly developing design and awareness of the health of ourselves and our planet. I believe that this is such a short time ago and that our design and our awareness could still be much more and much higher. This is why I would like to follow this direction in my career as I believe that my work as a designer could make a difference to the current world.


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