Fiona Hall – Wrong Way Time

Fiona Hall – Wrong Way Time

  • Describe the artwork.

The Kings Men part of the work is described by hall to allow the darkness of the piece to highlight the artwork. Being a piece of work that is very political driven, it suggests that the world doesn’t seem to be progressing in any favourable direction.

  • Imagine and describe the experience of the artwork (including how it works).

Walking around the Kings Men I would imagine the work to be eerie. The darkness would challenge the audience in a way where they would want to think about the the reason behind why the kings man were here and what crisis would have had to happen for them to hang there in that way.

  • What are the physical objects used in the artwork?

Fiona would transform everyday items and materials into objects such as bread, banknotes, knitted military uniforms and driftwood.. The kings men section of this work are figures that are knitted from shredded camouflage uniforms, with ghostly bodies hanging from mask-like heads.

  • Describe the interaction that takes place between the audience and  the artwork.

The interaction between the audience and the artwork would be juxtaposing between life and death.

  • What is the role of the audience?

To put into perspective the political role of todays society and the direction in which we seem to be heading.

  • Does the audience participate physically? If so, how?

Yes, they walk around and amongst the men to be submerged by the darkness.


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