Meda102 First Lesson – Assessment 1 questions

Meda102 First Lesson – Assessment 1 questions

  • Research the message you received: who sent it

We received the word hello. The group we were working with had sent it.

  • What are the circumstances in which they sent the message?

The circumstances were to be a certain distance away (within sight) and it was to see if their code was successful in being easily understood.

  • Write down the processes you went through to send and receive the messages.

We both took turns. Our code was to do with hand signals and clapping which was to represent each letter of the alphabet which would spell out the words. To receive the messages we had to always refer to the code and make sure we were writing down the correct symbols and referring them to the letters that they represented. It worked quite well but was difficult considering their code had a lot of missing letter to try and cut down to a more simple code.

  • What works well?

What works well is paying attention to each group and making sure you are familiar with your own code and the other groups key and to make sure no mistakes are made. 1 or 2 mistakes made will make for a completely different message. “Major screw ups”.

  • What is the most difficult part?

Most difficult part of this is learning something new in such a short amount of time. Making sure that you pay attention to every single detail and not miss a thing because visual aspect was a major part of decoding their messages.

  • What could you have done to make the transmission work better?

Things that could be done better is making sure the symbols and sounds are made more clearly and trying to cut down on the overall code in itself. 26 letters is difficult to code in such a short amount of symbolism and things like that.


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